What Is Candr Profile?

April 20, 2022

If you're not using QR codes to promote and automate your business, why not? Many modern smartphones have the built-in ability to read QR codes, so customers can already use this smart innovation. QR codes are safer than ever and create an environment where anyone can interact with your business without touching surfaces other than their device.

Perhaps you're not sure how to create a QR code or what to use them for? Consider signing up with Candr. We can help you through the process, advise you on creating your first QR code, and we have ready solutions for business integration.


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Features of Candr

When customers scan the QR code you create with Candr, they will see a small, focused landing page set up for mobile devices that can promote your business in a number of ways. You can list all your social media links, for example, or let them know how to contact you with questions or comments. With a press of their phone, they'll go to your other sites and start interacting with you. 

The Candr profile also includes a bio section for you to talk about yourself and includes space for a unique link. Customize your profile to show everyone who you are and what your business is like.

 Do you operate a restaurant or other direct transaction business? Upload your menu to Candr and provide customers with the ability to either download a PDF copy or follow a link to your online menu. Some businesses even have customers order using their phones, scanning QR codes in the establishment to make their requests.


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What about partnerships with other local businesses or delivery solutions? List friends in your local community and suggest they do the same. If your store sells wine, maybe the cheese store a block away would be a good partner. Or when your customers order from you and want the items delivered, you can suggest good local delivery apps.

Who else uses QR codes connected to a social media platform like Candr? Online-only businesses that ship products across the world want a simple way to connect with their customers. Companies that like giving back to their customers with loyalty programs and coupon offers. Anyone with multiple other social media accounts who wants one way to help others find them.  

Candr Services

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After the QR code, you create with Candr is scanned, we get to work providing you with a number of useful business services. Anyone can make free QR codes online, but our mission is to give you a useful and complete service.

These days, that starts with the Covid-19 screening. Do you need a way to track where and when customers were in your store? By asking them to scan a QR code when they enter the building or move through various areas, we can create a near-anonymous timeline of where visitors have been. Then if someone notifies the tracking system of a Covid-19 infection, you can inform other customers who were in the area and advise them to get tested. 

Next, we offer many analytic breakdowns on the information your QR codes send in. For example, did you know QR codes can tell what kind of phone scans them, or view the language settings? With a Candr profile and QR codes, you'll know when customers were visiting your store, what areas they visited in a larger business, how they enjoyed the experience by sending them simple surveys, and much more.

We also allow Candr profiles to opt-in to our marketing services. Candr Pro activates a customer consent pop-up to receive further communication from you. If they hit yes, we'll add them to your downloadable list for future offers and deals. 

Of course, the main free service we provide at Candr profile is our easy system to help you create QR codes. Use many different colours and patterns, or include a Call To Action message on the outside or a brand logo in the center. If you need more ideas on how to use them, visit our website and view some of our case files from other customers, or read through a few posts in our blog section. 

The Candr Experience

What is Candr?

Creating a profile with Candr allows customers to learn more about you, and allows you to learn more about them. Display anything you want them to see through a simple interface and request feedback using short surveys and contact methods. In other words, Candr connects you with your customers.

When you create QR codes with Candr, we guide you through the process so that the only thing you need to do is print them out and decide where to place them. We'll help with more complex features and services, or we can provide suggestions on how to get more out of your QR code.

Join Candr today and create a profile to boost your customer's experience. QR codes are fast, secure and safe. Sign up for free with Candr to get started!

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