Why Should You Use A Bio-Link Tool?

March 28, 2022

So you’ve set up your Instagram account with A+ content and are pulling in likes. Everything seems great. Then you look at your sales and your heart sinks.

 Panic rises. 🤯

“Why aren’t I turning more of these likes into sales or page views?” you wonder. After all, you put the link in your bio like you’re supposed to. Why isn’t it working? A little digging reveals that it’s because you’ve got so many products out there, so much content, that the link can’t support it all. You see, Instagram doesn’t want people leaving their site. They want them to stay. The only method they provide for linking to outside websites is via the single. Solitary. Link in your bio. This is a huge problem if you have a lot of content.
Here’s what a bio link tool is and why you should use it.

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It is What It is
A “bio link” is the section of your bio on Instagram that contains a link to your website (or anywhere else).
You find it by going to Edit Profile, which will have an option for “Website,” and placing it there. When you want to find it on your own public or someone else’s page, click on their name or search for them. You’ll see the bio link in the top third of the screen. The problems start when you want to link to more than one website and/or update the link. Have you ever found an article or post on Instagram and tried to find out how you could read more, or visit the website, only to go down a rabbit hole to nowhere? This happens because Instagram doesn’t let content creators put links in their posts. Not only that, Instagram changes how they prioritize posts for different users, so people can see things long after you posted them.
Enter the Bio-Link Tool
A bio link tool expands the reach of your single bio link by inserting a layer between that link and various pages that allow a user to click through to different pieces of content. It effectively turns your single bio link into 5-7 separate links.
Here’s how it works.
When someone clicks the link in your bio, the tool will pop up with a page that gives a list of pages they can visit. Followers can then click any of these buttons that correspond to what they’re looking for and find what they came for. With the range of views, such as grid view, you can also guide users directly to what they’re looking for by using images (the whole point of being on Instagram) matching the link to the post. This opens up opportunities for converting followers to users on Instagram. Have a newsletter you’re trying to market? Link to it on the bio link tool.
A new product you want to sell? Add a new link for each product for as long as you’re promoting it. Whether you’re looking to run more advanced marketing campaigns, pull in followers to your website, or simply include more links in general, a bio link tool boosts Instagram's usefulness.
But it’s not just Instagram. Bio link tools can be useful for LinkedIn, Twitter, Tinder, Tik Tok, and even posters and ads. It can help anywhere that you want to expand the reach of your content.
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