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  • Drag & Drop, no code necessary
  • Make changes in real-time, even after print
  • Highly secure, Stripe integrated

Automatically send donor receipts

Donation receipts can also be set up to be sent immediately after a donation is entered.

Stripe integrated

Millions of businesses of all sizes—from startups to large enterprises—use Stripe’s software and APIs to accept payments, send payouts, and manage their businesses online.


Gain valuable insights into Donor behaviour. Leverage these stats to spot trends and optimize donation growth.

“Candr, is going to revolutionize fundraising! It truly is the most innovative and useful tool I’ve seen to date. Allowing a donor to donate in three clicks, makes the once tedious mobile giving experience a pleasure. Candr also elevates event experiences, connecting live and virtual worlds, allowing supporters to be more engaged and retain information in the palm of their hands.”

Falyn Katz, Executive Director
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Create your Campaign

Build a micro-site that makes a real difference.

  • Choose your Hero images
  • Describe the event in the text block section
  • Add your action buttons - social media, website, etc.

Custom digital donation page

Convert visitors to donors by adding a donation button

  • Add a donation button
  • Customize the amounts
Instant Pay

Apple pay
Google pay

Eliminate the barrier of time-consuming payment forms and have your Donors give instantly using their mobile wallet.

Donor CRM

Connect with your Donors

Adjust donation amount

You can easily change the set donation amounts within different campaigns and even individual candr Pages.

Donor receipts

Donation receipts can be set up to be sent to the donor immediately after a donation is processed. This makes it easy for donors to access and download receipts for taxes.

Organization assets

Give your donors a familiar experience by adding your organizations logo & branding


If you're already using a CRM - Download your donor insights into a CSV file and upload it into your favourite CRM.


Gain valuable insights into Donor behaviour. See what donors are interested in by viewing the click-through numbers from the campaign. Leverage these stats to spot trends and optimize donation growth.

Custom message

Add a personal touch by customizing your email message that accompanies the Donation receipt.

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Knowing The Numbers

Gain valuable insights into donor behaviour. Leverage these stats to spot trends and optimize growth.

Know your audienceLearn more about analytics