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Taking the friction
out of fundraising

Our mission is to make the best technology available to all nonprofits because every cause deserves the best technology to thrive.

Our Story

Candr was born out of necessity during the pandemic. When the hospitality industry was suffering with mandatory shut-downs, we wanted to help do our part for our community. We quickly designed a frictionless system for patrons to scan a QR code and complete a Covid-19 symptoms checklist while also being able to view a contactless menu.

Once the pandemic came to an end, we wanted to continue in service. We recognized that giving to charity was not a simple process. A lot of the tech in the giving space is legacy and outdated.  So here we are, once again taking the friction out of a tedious process.

99% uptime, 1M+ total scans

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The Man Behind The Magic

Richard Hyatt

CEO & Founder

Richard is an active investor, mentor, philanthropist with the Hyatt Family Foundation and a father of four. He ranks as one of Canada’s top entrepreneurs, is a technology visionary, and has expertise in security, networks and cloud infrastructure.

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