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At Candr, we believe that giving should be frictionless, so that you'll do it again.
As the average human’s attention span plummets, it’s important for you to use a platform that gets your donors to the submit page as quickly and as pain free as possible.
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Transform your fundraising efforts

The digital age presents challenges, but also incredible opportunities. Candr is here to turn those challenges into victories - offering a digital, frictionless fundraising solution that is dedicated to making the best technology available to all nonprofits, big or small.

Simple set up⚡

Candr doesn’t charge monthly fees, or require any contracts. Our application fee is kept low, so that all nonprofits of any size can have access to the best technology.

User-friendly experience 🤝

You don't need to be a tech wizard to utilize Candr. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to create and manage successful campaigns.

Real-time analytics 📊

Make data-driven decisions with Candr's comprehensive analytics dashboard. Gain insights into donor behavior and campaign performance to optimize your strategies.

Everyone has a terminal
in their pocket

At Candr, we've done extensive testing to decipher the most efficient ways of gathering donations. We've found that the Dynamic QR code is still the king in this arena. That's why we use rapidly deployed web apps to bring the most seamless, premium experiences readily available to anyone carrying a smart device.    

Collect Donations

Optimize your donor journey with Candr and raise more funds for your cause. Say goodbye to tedious payment forms. Scan or tap to collect donations in a flash.

Connect with Donors

Candr isn't just about collecting donations. You can also use Candr to connect with your donors, educating them about your mission or informing them of upcoming events, etc.

No app/hardware

Why wait for your turn on the tablet or payment processor when you can just scan a QR code and donate in 16 seconds.

Transparent Data

Unlike other donation platforms, Candr understands how important your donors data can be to your nonprofit. That's why we give your organization full access to any data that is collected, at no extra cost.

Donation Process

Donor Experience

Optimized donor journey

Captivate more supporters with a stunning donor experience, optimized for any device & choreograph your donor journey using actionable prompts.
Add Your Logo & Hero image
Dynamic Donation Button
No Coding necessary
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Express Checkout

Effortless payments

Upgrade from tedious form fill outs and adopt modern payment methods like mobile wallets for a quick, frictionless donor experience to drive more giving.
All credit Cards
Apple & Google Pay
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Email Tax Reciepts

Donation receipts are sent to the donor immediately after a donation is processed.
Add Your Organizations info & Logo
Send & Modify receipts from The dashboard
Fully Automated Experience
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Take back control.
your donors, your data

Candr tracks almost every element of the donor journey so that you can stay informed about your donors behaviour. See how many people scanned the QR code, clicked through to checkout, which buttons on your landing page performed the highest and how many people donated.

Campaign insights 📈

Get real-time updates about your campaigns performance. Track donation amounts, target progress, QR code scans, button clicks, collect donor consent. Convert collected data into your next social media marketing play.

Curated donor profiles  👤 

Stay in the loop and track donor behaviour with our curated donor profiles. See who your lifetime donors are, year to date donations and donors who've consented to receive further communication from your organization.

Smart filters 💡

Easily access the data you need and filter out what you don't. Find tax receipts, monthly subscribers, donors who have given consent, etc. All data is easily downloadable into CSV format for you to upload to your preferred CRM.
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What's included

Everything we've got, at no extra cost.

Recurring Giving

Turn your donors into lifetime supporters with easy to manage recurring subscriptions.

Email receipting

Donation receipts are sent to the donor immediately after a donation is processed.

QR code giving

Our intelligent QR codes allow you to make changes in real time, even after print AND gain valuable analytics on donor behaviours.

Highly Secure

The system is highly secure and integrated with Stripe for added security and professionalism in handling transactions.

Ease of use

Ease of use - create digital experiences that span the entire donor journey without needing any coding knowledge.

Cloud storage

We’ll store your receipt records for you, so that you don’t have to. At no extra cost.


Systems that work in high-volume giving situations. Handles spikes in traffic as quickly as clicking your fingers.

World-class support

We're always here for you, at no extra cost. Product training, success manager, chat & email support all available at your fingertips.

Mobile wallet payments

Eliminate the need for time-consuming payment forms and have your donors give instantly using their mobile wallet.
Nonprofit application process

Step by Step

  1. Apply to Candr

    Fill out the application form.
    The form is for Registered Canadian nonprofits only at this time.

  2. Connect Stripe account

    During onboarding, you will be prompted to log in and connect your Stripe account. If you do not have a stripe account, you will be prompted to create one.

  3. Build a campaign & begin fundraising!

    Now you're ready to create your first campaign and start receiving donations towards your cause.

Consider this your invitation to join the revolution, because every cause deserves the best technology to thrive.
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