We don't believe in the traditional SaaS monthly subscription model.
No contract required.


Aplication fee from money raised*
$0 Monthly fees
$0 Startup cost
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Records stored

*In addition to Stripe service fees

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What's included

Everything we've got, at no extra cost.

Recurring Giving

Turn your donors into lifetime supporters with easy to manage recurring subscriptions.

Email receipting

Donation receipts are sent to the donor immediately after a donation is processed.

QR code giving

Our intelligent QR codes allow you to make changes in real time, even after print AND gain valuable analytics on donor behaviours.

Highly Secure

The system is highly secure and integrated with Stripe for added security and professionalism in handling transactions.

Ease of use

Ease of use - create digital experiences that span the entire donor journey without needing any coding knowledge.

Cloud storage

We’ll store your receipt records for you, so that you don’t have to. At no extra cost.


Systems that work in high-volume giving situations. Handles spikes in traffic as quickly as clicking your fingers.

World-class support

We're always here for you, at no extra cost. Product training, success manager, chat & email support all available at your fingertips.

Mobile wallet payments

Eliminate the need for time-consuming payment forms and have your donors give instantly using their mobile wallet.
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“Candr is going to revolutionize fundraising! It truly is the most innovative and useful tool I’ve seen to date."

Falyn Katz, Executive Director


Why do I need Candr?

Candr is a Toronto-based digital fundraising solution dedicated to creating a frictionless giving experience by enabling modern payment methods, to engage donors and ultimately raise more funds for charity. Nonprofits are using Candr to cater for the new age of online fundraising. We use rapidly deployed web apps to bring the most seamless, premium experience to anyone that has a mobile device - QR code giving, donation forms, Donor Management, fundraisers, events, email receipting and more.  We don't believe in the traditional SaaS subscription model. With Candr, there are $0 monthly fees, Unlimited records, Unlimited users and access to our whole suite of features. We utilize a 100% transparent application fee per donation model. We believe giving should be frictionless, so that you'll do it again and that's why our donations are processed in JUST 16 seconds! Give with Candr: The future of fundraising. 💜

 How does Candr make my job as an event organizer easier?

Candr campaigns require zero coding knowledge which allows you to create a campaign in minutes. Even if your collateral has gone to print, our platform allows you to edit LIVE if there are any updates or changes on site.

Does every guest need to register an account to use Candr?

No, you do not need an account to donate using Candr. However, donors can create an account and sign into our “connect portal” to update their donor profile, manage subscriptions, download tax receipts and track their donation analytics.

I have several fundraisers planned - can I use Candr for multiple events simultaneously?

Absolutely! Candr allows for unlimited campaigns, users and records stored.

How does Candr differ from the competition?

We don't believe in the traditional SaaS subscription model. With Candr, there are $0 monthly fees, Unlimited users and we store unlimited records for you so that you don’t have to. We utilize a 100% transparent application fee per donation model.

 I may have to make a last minute change to the event information, is this a problem?

We understand that last minute changes can be common in the world of events. Log in to Candr on the go and make changes in real time. We offer unlimited users, so that you can delegate this to a team member also.

I’m trying to get a sponsor for the event, how does Candr benefit sponsors?

As Candr allows you to have as many landing pages as you need, we recommend that you create pages for your sponsors and link them to your campaign as buttons.

What does the go-live timeline look like with Candr?

With Candr, you can be up and running the day of your event. Gone are the days of your typical 10-day deployment period.