6 tips to use QR Codes more efficiently

QR codes are popular, but even as you see people scanning them and talking about them, you might be surprised to hear that many people use QR codes incorrectly. At Candr, we’re trying to remedy this problem, by providing you with QR codes that can help market your business.


What Does Candr Do?


Candr allows you to set up a profile, with social media links, websites, information about your business, phone numbers, and more. This means that scanning a QR code can take your customers to a menu page that gives them options, so that they can find exactly what they’re looking for. If you want to take the confusion out of QR codes, using Candr is the perfect option for you. Candr cares about quality, so we’re here to walk you through six tips that will ensure you’re using QR codes correctly.  Let’s get right into it.


Six Tips for Using QR Codes Correctly


1.    Make sure that your QR codes are big enough


QR codes don’t work if people don’t use them. Be sure to make the QR codes that you put out large enough so that people can see them. QR codes are meant to make things more accessible, so to make things easier for everyone, make sure that your codes are prominent and visible.


2.    Put QR codes where people can find them


This tip goes hand in hand with the first tip, because if you put your QR codes in a hard to find spot, then they won’t be scanned! Instead of putting your QR code in the back of a restaurant, in a hard to find spot, try putting the code on a community message board. This way, people will see the QR code, and you’ll get the most amount of scans. There’s no point in having a QR code, if it isn’t seen. The good news is that it’s easy to implement this tip.


3.    Make sure your QR code is in a place that makes sense


Yes, it is important that people can find your QR code, but even if your QR code is visible, if the location of your QR code does not align with what your QR code is advertising, that’s not productive. If you’re selling state-of-the-art dog food, it probably is a good idea to put a QR code near an animal shelter ,because when people are adopting pets, they’re going to need dog food. If you put your QR code that’s advertising dog food near a beauty salon, for example, it doesn’t make sense, because your demographic is not at a beauty salon.


4.    Make sure that people understand how to use your QR code


Although QR codes are becoming popular, still, not everyone is familiar with how to use them. To ensure that there is no confusion, it might be a good idea to include instructions with your QR code. It doesn’t have to be a complicated list of instructions. You could include a blurb that says: scan me with your camera.This will ensure that people understand how to use your QR code. People have to scan the code, for it to be the most successful. And ideally, they’ll be scanning a Candr QR code!


5.    Optimize your QR codes for a Smartphone


Make sure that your QR code is black and positioned on a white background. If you’re using a QR code that is surrounded by graphics or other distracting images, then it will be hard for smartphones to detect the code. It is important that smartphones can easily detect the code, so that your customers will be directed to the proper link.


6.    Test your QR code on many devices


We’ve been over a lot of tips, but this one is important to remember. Make sure that you test your QR code, before you put your code out there. For example, you might have accidentally linked the wrong website. Or, maybe, your link does not work on Android devices. It’s important to test your QR code on a variety of devices to ensure that your customers will not have any problems accessing the code, once they scan it.


We hope that you’ve learned a lot about QR codes. Don’t forget that using Candr’s QR codes is a fool-proof way to use QRs correctly. Candr wants to make QRs easy, because they shouldn’t have to be complicated!

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