Advantages Of Using QR Codes For Event Management

April 18, 2022

QR codes offer a wide range of advantages for event management to make the process easier and more engaging with your event attendees. You can use QR codes for events of any size because the cost is minimal, especially when using a trusted QR code management system such as Candr when putting on Toronto events or any location. 

If you’re unsure what QR codes are or do; they’re simply unique images that you can print on displays, advertisements, put on your website, email out to people, or display in any way you want. Anybody with a smartphone can use their standard camera app to scan the QR code and be directed to whatever website or app location you’ve preset.

To find out the full advantages of QR codes for events, follow along as I take you through everything you’ll need to become a fan of the technology and incorporate it into your event management.

QR Codes For Event

What Kind Of Events Can Use QR Codes?

The quick answer is that when using QR codes for events, there is no limitation on what type of event can benefit from QR codes. It’s also not a matter of larger events or specific event types seeing more benefits.

 Whether you’re organizing Toronto events, Vancouver events, or multiple locations, you can incorporate QR codes with the help of a professional QR code management company like Candr.  

As an event organizer, you need to perform many tasks, including:

  • Advertise and promote your event through multiple physical and digital channels
  • Sell tickets or get attendance details
  • Send out attendance instructions or confirmations
  • Gather attendance data for future marketing

Using traditional methods, you don’t get the complete overview of everything or use your event to its full potential, such as:

  • What advertising worked? Especially when it comes to physical ads.
  • Physical ads require extra steps for potential attendees to get connected with you.
  • Event tickets can be counterfeited unless you incorporate expensive security measures.
  • If you add security measures to your tickets, they can cause delays.
  • Providing event material can be costly, messy, and environmentally unfriendly.

What should be exciting for you is that if you incorporate QR codes for events, then these and many more problems go away.

How Can You Use QR Codes For Event Organizing?

When using QR codes for events, you don’t just have to use them as an advertising option. There are many advantages and opportunities to incorporate QR codes into your event management.

QR codes can make your event run smoother using a technology that most people understand how to use these days, and there are no special apps or handling required to use QR codes, just your smartphone’s camera.

QR Codes For Event Promotion

When you incorporate physical advertising into your event promotion, you can run across a few issues. For example, you’re often limited by space due to physicality or price. In addition, you can’t always know which ads are doing well. Also, potential attendees need to type out a URL into their phone to register or get more information.

Add a QR code to your advertising to get around these issues; QR codes can be used to:

  • Allow potential attendees to scan for more information on the event.
  • Including registration and payment systems with a simple camera scan.
  • Create different QR codes for different locations, adverts, or advertising platforms.
  • If you understand which ads have the best ROI, you can save a lot of money.
QR Codes For Event Promotion

Engaging With Event Attendees Through QR Codes

Depending on how much information was required to attend the event, you may or may not know a lot about your attendees, such as names, emails, and other good information for in-event communication as well as after-event follow-up.

 If a single person purchased tickets for multiple people, you might only know about the primary attendee, limiting your interaction with their guests.

Adding QR codes to different event areas allows you to capture attendee information, track attendee interest in different activities or parts of your event, start interacting with the attendee, and provide follow-up information after the event. 

People aren’t going to just give their information away. You will need to provide value to get more information from anybody scanning your QR codes at different booths or locations, at least the first time you ask for their information. So, create a gift draw that people could win, provide a free drink if they sign up, or something that gets them officially registered and trackable.

Using QR Codes For Event Security

By putting a unique QR code on each ticket, you can ensure the security of your event is handled quickly, with everything being tracked, including entry and exit. The primary benefits of using QR codes in place of old-style tickets are:

  • Block entry to fake ticket holders. If the QR code doesn’t scan, no entry.
  • Know when an attendee has entered, which may even be a good time to send them a personalized message about the event if you want a promotion or upgrade options.
  • Block duplicate use of tickets so that people can’t share tickets. You’ll just want to track entry/exit of the primary ticket holder if you allow re-entry. 
  • A much smoother entry process with fewer issues, QR codes are simple and work. When QR codes don’t work, then some security investigation is required.

Why Should I Use A QR Code Management Company?

If you’ve been researching QR codes, I’m sure you know that QR codes can be created free by anybody on the internet. So what’s the benefit of using a QR code management system like Candr?

 If you create a QR code on the internet, you’re still using some kind of company or system outside your control. But because it’s free, you have no real control over what the system ultimately does when people scan your code. In addition, QR code links are not hardcoded and can be changed, which means that at any point, your QR code could be hijacked for nefarious purposes.

As a business, do you want to risk the backlash you get from either redirecting people to fake pages where they could input credit card information or personal information or where a third party is tracking people?

 When you use a professional service such as Candr, you can check they have an exceptional reputation with no customer issues, a professional interface for you to manage your QR code campaign, and exceptionally reasonable prices.

QR Codes For Event Promotion

QR Codes For Event Management: Is It Worth It?

QR codes for events will make your event run smoother, save you advertising dollars, and allow you to interact with your attendees before, during, and after the event.

You do need to invest a minimal amount of money into a partner that can provide a quality platform to create your QR codes and make their use easy for you. This is where companies like Candr come into the equation by providing an easy-to-use, tested, and scalable QR code solution.

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