Using QR Code in Trade Show or Exhibition

Preparing for trade shows or exhibitions can be a daunting task. Your whole purpose for being there is to generate more leads for your business. So, the first thing you want is to ensure you have a display that attracts prospects and potential partners. And once you get them to your display, then what?

Trade shows are excellent opportunities for vendors and competitors to meet each other, establish new contacts and potentially establish new leads. And not having the right logistics in place can turn a potential client or partner into a missed opportunity. So, make the right impression the first time and ensure the proper logistics when it comes to new connections — QR codes can help with that.

Today, there is a wide range of digital technologies ready for use that can greatly enhance the success of your trade shows and exhibit events. With smartphones, automated cloud databases, and other digital solutions, the right logistics is just a scan away.

This article will help you to see the different ways you can use QR codes in your trade shows or exhibit events.

What Are Candr QR Codes?

One of the fastest growing digital technologies that can be of great benefit to a business at trade shows and exhibit events is a QR code. A QR code or Quick Response code, is a two-dimensional code that can store an extensive amount of information.  

The information stored on the code is a quick and cost-effective way to share information with potential customers, clients and business partners that you meet. With this technology, they can easily download documents, view product demos, respond to surveys, etc., all through a simple scan.  

Candr QR codes are a game-changer for exhibitors like you to attract more foot traffic, increase your event ROI, and grow brand awareness.

Why Use Candr QR Codes?

Whether it's a virtual event, roadshow, tradeshow, or exhibit event, you can now make the experience more engaging using QR codes. Need the best option to introduce your product or service? Need a creative way to show a demo to your prospects? A Candr QR code is the best solution.

When you create your profile with Candr, our team of experts will help you through the process of creating the free QR code for your business, and guide you on the ready solutions for business integration that will start growing your business. Anyone can make free QR codes online, but our mission is to give you a useful and complete service. Then, when customers scan the code you create with Candr, they will see a small, focused landing page set up for mobile devices that can promote your business in many ways.

You can have all your social media links easily available or let them know how to contact you. One press of their phone will connect them to your site(s) and they can immediately start engaging with you.

The Candr profile also includes a bio section for you to talk about yourself and includes space for a unique link. Customize your profile to show everyone who you are and what your business is like.

5 Ways You Can Use QR Codes for Your Trade Shows or Exhibit Events

Trade shows are a great way to get your name out there, but without the right QR code strategies in place, you might be missing out on some key opportunities. Here are five ways to use QR codes at trade shows and exhibit events:

  1. Use QR codes to promote your business before the event. Through various platforms (social media, emails, printed invites, website, etc.) attract potential customers and partners with QR codes letting them know what your company offers. Capture their interest with promotions, contests or a special deal. Take it even further by letting them know there is something in it for them if they scan the code.
  2. Save money on printed materials. Create a large sign or place QR codes in your trade show booth graphics. While you’re at it, feel free to put QR codes on other promotional materials (stickers, press kits, posters, etc.). That saves money on printed materials, makes it easier for trade show attendees to take your information with them, and eliminates excess paper waste.
  3. Share product demos. End the need of having to bring so much equipment with you. Allow potential clients and partners the opportunity to view demos easily and more conveniently on their own devices by providing them with a scannable QR code.
  4. Do live contests. Give away a prize to a lucky winner who scans the QR code. This gives people an incentive to visit your trade show booth and check out your website.
  5. Get customer feedback and reviews on the spot. Create a feedback survey on Google forms and make the URL available on the QR code to people who visit your booth. They can easily complete the survey using their smartphones while the experience is still fresh on their minds.

Get Your Free QR Code With Candr

Creating a profile with Candr and getting your free QR Code, connects you with your customers. Display anything you want them to see through a simple interface and request feedback using short surveys and contact methods. Use QR codes as a solution for a remarkable customer experience during your product launches, trade shows, and roadshows.


Join Candr today and create a profile to boost your customer's experience. QR codes are fast, secure and safe. Sign up for free with Candr to get started!


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