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As the average human’s attention span plummets, it’s important for you to use a platform that gets your donors to the submit page as quickly and as pain free as possible.
Dynamic donation button
Connect sponsorship pages
Add your social media
Show important event info
QR code & unique Link delivery
Gather emails for newsletter
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Intelligent QR & Link delivery

Everyone has a terminal in their pocket. We use rapidly deployed web apps to bring the most seamless, premium experiences readily available to all. Our technology is designed for massive scalability, making it super fast AND reliable. No app download needed.

Increase conversion

Show your potential donors only the most important information. Our landing page is designed specifically for the viewer to absorb the most important information quickly and give a donation without any friction.

No web developer needed

Candr empowers non-profits to create digital experiences that span the entire donor journey without needing any knowledge in HTML, CSS or JavaScript. It's as simple as drag & drop, copy & paste.

Transparent Data

Candr tracks almost every element of the donor journey so that you can stay informed about your donors behaviour. See how many people scanned the QR code, clicked through to checkout, which buttons on your landing page performed the highest and how many people donated.